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The Evergreen Group is the organizational designation used by a Taiwan-based conglomerate of shipping, transportation, and associated service companies. The Evergreen Group arose in 1975 from the diversification of the original Evergreen Marine Corporation, which was established in 1968 and currently operates as the world's fourth largest containerized-freight shipping company. Today, the Evergreen Group encompasses the Evergreen Marine Corporation, Evergreen International Corporation, EVA Air, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corporation, Evergreen Air Services Corporation, Evergreen Air Cargo Services Corporation, and Evergreen International Storage and Services Corporation. Additional divisions and subsidiaries exist within several Evergreen Group companies, such as Uniglory Shipping Corporation and Uni Air.

A former employee said this in a review "The main issue with Evergreen is managment. Incompetent at best, neglectful at their worst. I wouldn’t tell my worst enemy to put a family member in this facility. Medina campus is the absolute worst. The facility honestly needs shut down, the residents deserve better. If the facility didn’t falsify documents, they would be."


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RN Director of Nursing (Former Employee) says

"worst job I ever had! If you value your license. And your mental health please do your self a favor and run as far and as fast as you can from this black hole! There is so much fraud, and blackmail that happens at this place its unbelievable! I'm surprised they still have a company. They refused to pay their contract help several times! As well as nurses. Please check the labor board for complaints as well! Cons: This whole company is a con!"

Carpintero de madera (Former Employee) says

"3 años tranbajando para esta empresa y muy mal pago el salario para oficiales de carpintería no la recomiendo"

Dietary Aide (Current Employee) says

"Ok it's not the same any more for me I had a really close knit team that is all leaving just doesnt feel the same any more so just feels like time to move on"

Field Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"very stressful position.Long hours ,tedious work.poor management.they didnt want to pay on time.I was over un ruley co workers.went to work for a friend and it did not turn out well do to her son. Cons: poor management"

Slide outs (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work seen a bunch of accidents and a lot of people get hurt hardly worth it for the money was getting ready to quit since forever duh Cons: Yea"

Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It was a job, didn't care for the team morale that was displayed there. Had various "cliques" that was a lot like working with high school kids."

Gardener/Driver (Former Employee) says

"a lot of work for little pay management didn't care about worker and their family. hours were lost."

Baler Operator (Former Employee) says

"Evergreen, God then family that is the order for your life, in the plant managers opinion.The most non-union union job you will ever find! There is no consistent balance between life and work at this company. Last minute forced overtime occurs regularly. Schedule can be changed week to week also at the last minute. Forced to work on contractual days off, example holidays. So if you have previously made plans for a holiday, put them on hold or cancel them or risk losing holiday pay. Cons: discrimination and double standards"

Lead Ramp Agent (Former Employee) says

"miserable place to work....no way to advance.........................no way to maintain a life Cons: everything"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Evergreen has no interest in staff retention."

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"Definitely not the job to do if you like being trested like a puppy on a lead Cons: Staff talk in their own language"

Manger/Office Assistant (Current Employee) says

"am let the stars speak for itself.all I can say is that I left a company that was going down to go to company,just worst.its not a good company."

auxiliar de embalagem (Current Employee) says

"trabalhar na ever green é um pouco estressante,por falta de funcionários todos os dias temos que estar em um setor diferente,por um lado é bom por que voce aprende todos os serviços da empresa,mas por outro é ruim por que voce se estressa muito.a gerência também não é muito boa e nem a direção,porque deixou escapar muitos funcionarios bons para as concorrentes por falta de condição de trabalho melhor,é uma empresa de grande porte que exporta seus produtos para vários países,mas que peca em aspectos de crescimento,maquinas antigas,produtos que não se encaixa ão mercado de trabalho,como a concorrência que a cada dia inventa um produto novo para o mercado,não proporciona beneficios ãos seus funcionários.eu gosto muito do que eu faço é essa parte que me deixa motivado de ainda está na evergreen. Cons: cesta no valor de 30 reais, não tem participação de lucros, não fornece uniformes completos, horarios, salário baixo, falta de organização"

Examinierte Altenpflegerin (Former Employee) says

"Nicht wirklich weiter zu empfehlen . Man muss ständig einspringen. Viel zu wenig Personal. Cons: Man muss ständig einspringen"

STNA (Former Employee) says

"The main issue with this facility is managment. Cons: Poor work culture, incompetent managment, dirty facility"

Equipment Operator (Former Employee) says

"Dnt jave much to say it was hot an a long time ago. Got to deal with the postal aspect of things thats about it. It was hot work on nightss. Pay no that good"

Per Diem Substitute Instructor (Current Employee) says

"the students are awesome and the job gives you a lot of experience but management is poor. Staff spends their time talking about other staff and green forming other staff for things that could be addressed 1:1. It's like high school. Cons: staff is unprofessional and there is really bad management. very stressful environment"

genral laboror (Former Employee) says

"I show at work get my instructions for the day get started on my work get as much done as possible during the day. Cons: no breaks and no healthcare ben."

Embalador (Former Employee) says

"Empresa que não valoriza os funcionários que as vezes atrasa pagamento cesta basica minúscula e com intens de pessima qualidade e ainda atrasa pra ser entregue aos funcionários. Cons: Pessimo, salario, calor exessivo, àgua para beber de ma qualidade, e tem muito roubo dentro dos vestiarios, chegam abrir os cadeados para roubar, Localização da empresa em um lugar perigoso com risco de assaltos e arrastões."

Supervisor/operator (Former Employee) says

"poor management best part of the day is when you get off work..says they are union but don't value union laws hard place to work"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Evergreen full-time for more than a year Cons: Sever lack of RN staff to assist when acuity and admissions are high. Lack of sincere mentoring. High nurse turn over. Bullying. 70 + hrs/week not including on call and encouraged to only punch in up to 40 per management"


"I worked at Evergreen Cons: Benefits drama staying to six"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Evergreen part-time Cons: Salary has to be collected at the office instead of bank transfer or cash on the spot"


"I worked at Evergreen Cons: lack of/no growth opportunities within in all departments no employee investments There is a lack of structure and clear vision Underwhelming progress and drive to get things done"

Current Employee - Licensed Practical Nurse Charge Nurse says

"I have been working at Evergreen full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Would like to see better medical benefits"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Evergreen full-time Cons: ppl are mean but ok"


"I have been working at Evergreen Cons: More communication needed between staff and mmt"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Evergreen full-time Cons: Pay and job security aren't great"

Eileen says

"Awful customer service. Item was in stock when I ordered. 2 weeks later I was told they couldn’t fulfill my order (after I emailed twice). They offered a refund which never happened and a week later I was told the items were dispatched. 3 emails later they refunded me."

Customer says

"Delivery was terrible."

Customer says

"Your asking me for a review before I even received the goods. Which incidentally are overdue."

Customerangela says

"i havent rec my order"

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